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Susanne Thea Portrait

Music by Susanne Thea - Malinovsky & Oscar Wilde

Danish Artist Susanne Thea perform music set to selected poems by Oscar Wilde. Poems made for music, love-poems and a poem on the death of his very young sister. The music is composed by Susanne Thea and Bent Malinovsky. Talking about her passion for the work of Oscar Wilde, Thea commented: "When I read his words, it felt like the music reached out and without any strength the songs came to me, every word is like a note and a story to be told. Being an emotional human everyone can relate to every word in the poems by Oscar Wilde."

The Danish band Susanne Thea•Malinovsky & Oscar Wilde have understandably court international attention and has given concerts at museums, galleries and concert ventures in The USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweeden and Aaland.

Their unique music, the sound of Susanne Theas vocal, to the dobro played by Bent Malinovsky transforming and performing the lyrics by Oscar Wilde and Susanne Thea, stays with you, leaving a fine impression, touching your soul and heart deebly.

The CD Susanne Thea•Malinovsky & Oscar Wilde
Susanne Thea: Vocal
Bent Malinovsky: Dobro, bass-guitar and drums.
Brian Standefer: Cellos

Recorded and Mixed by: Brian Standefer at Screen Door Music, Buda Texas, USA 2013-14

Mastered by: Jan Eliasson at AudioPlanet, Sound Refinery, Copenhagen - 2014

Susanne Thea - Malinovsky & Oscar Wilde

Susanne Thea and Bent Malinovsky are acknowledged Danish composers and songwriters and have attracted international attention.

They announce their music as worldfolk as it takes roots in country, blues, jazz etc.

"We choose to preform our music at smaller music scenes, playing their music alive and connect with the audience. For us telling our story inspired from real life, imagination and fantasy, gives us the possibility to get under the skin and touch the human heart, and move a few borders and if so our goal is achieved and leave us very much honored."

Susanne Thea is a visual artist whose personal figurative language has attracted international attention and, understandably, a great deal of attention from museums around the world. She and Bent Malinovsky preform their music at her openings, as their music is a suitable introduction to her inventive and witty figurative language she favors.

”We take a very free and experimenting approach to my artwork, and in this way we are able to create the sound and telling the story that I had in mind making the image.”

Susanne Thea

Susanne Thea's detailed pictures attract attention because of their exquisite style and sense of humor; and there are new discoveries to be made every time you return to them.

”I welcome verbal and non-verbal dialogue. ’Storytelling’ is an important aspect of our music and my art.

Susanne Thea, Vocal was born in 1954 and are educated in Australia and Denmark. She has received grants both at home and abroad, is a member of Danish Jazz Beat and Folk Autors (DJBFA) , international graphic workshops and The Danish Writers Association.

Bent Malinovsky dobro and steel-guitars was born in 1952. He is member of DJBFA and former secretary for the organization. Besides the music he has always been involved in the work for better economic and social standards for musicians and songwriters.

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